In deep space, there is a wonderous little world, a planet full of untold beauty, full of life, spinning around it's local sun. It's name: Earth, and it is in trouble. For there is a darkness growing there, and it wears a lab coat.

He's evil, intelligent, an overall bad dude, but the Doc is just one atom short of being the best evil genius on Earth, and his sidekick, Igor, is a whole brain short of being useful. Together they are an excellent team, and THIS! This will be their moment of triumph, to finally, once and for all..... take over the world!

Urknall is an exciting physical show that is full of dark imagination. A cartoon mix of malign mime that will fuel your gigglebox and amputate your funny bone. Enter a dark and sinister world where evil meets ridiculous!

Created and performed by:

Arne König and Duncan Cameron 


Video Trailer