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Upcoming Performances

Cabaret From The Shadows at Bighton Fringe

It's time to step out of our cage and bring music, joy, mischief and dark humor aound U.K. and beyond.

Following a successful tour,  Cabaret From The Shadows will be coming back to the Brighton Fringe.


We will be playing the 18-19 of May in the The Warren area, in the Hat. 

Click here to book tickets! 

A fresh and shameless show with an eclectic mix of theatre, dark comedy and live music, featuring charmingly anarchic characters who will leave your mouth agape as they reveal the depths of your psyche. They'll play with your thoughts, chew them up and spit them out in the form of cabaret that pulls you through a crazy hall of mirrors into a disturbing world far more familiar than you may like to admit. Come let devilry, illusion and mischief seize your heart and soul at the 'Cabaret From The Shadows'! "Political, comic, sexy and strange. Teatro Pomodoro have produced a masterpiece" (Urbanista).

New Adventure

September 30, 2018

Duncan has accepted a job with an undisclosed company working as a clown for a brand new production.

This production will be playing in China for an indefinite amount of time meaning that he will not be performing in the Uk until this contract is up. 


The Details of this show are yet to be disclosed, so watch this space for further information.......Exciting!!!!

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